Pastor Ryan Rear: We Love Serving at Morris Fellowship Chapel!

by Ryan Rear

MORRIS, Man.—Ryan Rear was asked to tell us about his ministry as the senior pastor at Morris Fellowship Chapel.

1. Tell us about where you were raised, educated, and served prior to MFC.

I was born in Innisfail, Alberta. I went to Prairie Bible College for a few years, and then to the University of Alberta, where I got a BA in psychology. Years later, I got my Master of Theological Studies at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton. I served in a variety of churches: Baptist, Free Methodist, Independent, and FEBC. The FEBC was the first church I served in that had Mennonite roots. I am now serving at the Morris Fellowship Chapel, our EMC church here in Morris.

2. Tell us about your family. 

My wife Uma was born in Malaysia, and, for me, she has been God’s wonderful gift. We have two grown-up children. Cassandra is 22 years old, and after she finished her degree in sociology, she began working in a group home for level five teenage girls. Sam is 21 years old, and is busy working and making music.

3. What led you to serve here? 

We came to Morris to serve in an FEBC church, which had a great group of people. Unfortunately, by the time we got here, the church pretty much only had seniors. We were unable to attract the families we needed and after four and a half years the church shut its doors. Uma and I also worked at Youth for Christ here in Morris. I was between church jobs, and we started attending Morris Fellowship Chapel. I was asked to do some pulpit supply, then served as its interim pastor; and one thing led to another and here we are the pastoral couple.

4. To understand you as a pastoral couple, what do people need to know?

As a pastoral couple, we work closely together. We emphasize Bible study and discipling. We emphasize taking God at his word, and living obedient lives of faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. We especially love to work with the young people. They are the future of the church and need to be equipped with sound teaching and be discipled in the faith. Uma teaches the youth Sunday School class. I lead the College and Career Bible study with Uma’s help. We have temporarily split our C and C into male and female groups. Uma leads the young ladies. I lead the young men. We believe in equipping people of all age groups so they can live God-inspired lives.

5. What do you think of the EMC? 

There are two things I particularly like about the EMC. I like the Statement of Faith because it is simple and yet remains true to the foundational truths of the faith. I also like the EMC’s emphasis on supporting missions.

6. What else would you want to say? 

We love serving at Morris Fellowship Chapel. It is a privilege.

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