Loreena Thiessen: The Happiest Month

by Loreena Thiessen

May is the happiest month. There is much to celebrate. School is almost over and summer is about to begin.

Each day the sun shines warmer. There are colours, green, red, and yellow, where before it was only white. Colours and warmth bring renewed energy. You rush outdoors. You feel the sun’s warm rays on your face. You feel the sidewalk solid under your feet. You feel the smooth pavement as you glide along on your bike.

The air is different, fresh. It’s cool and warm all at once and filled with birdsong. Birds are gathering twigs and grasses in the industry of nest building, soon to be filled with new babies. Squirrels chase each other. Rabbits rest on the cool soft grass while chomping down fresh new dandelion blooms, the long stems dangling out of their mouths. Fat bees buzz. Butterflies flit from flower to flower sipping the sweet nectar.

The neighbourhood comes to life. People lean on their rakes and mowers and chat with each other after the long winter. They dig around flowers to help them grow. Balls and gloves come out for a game of catch. You hear laughter and shouting.

There’s more. On the second Sunday in May you celebrate your mother. You honour her for loving you and taking such good care of you. It’s your turn to do something special for her. What will it be?

Next comes the first long weekend of summer, Victoria Day. Victoria Day was originally meant to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, who was the longest reigning queen in the 1800s. Today we don’t think about her so much. Instead we focus on enjoying the first holiday of the coming summer, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows outdoors, watching sparks rise against a dark night sky from an open fire, and sleeping in a tent or camper. There may even be fireworks.

June follows quickly. Each day is warmer than the one before. This is the month you’ve been waiting for, the end of the school year. At the end of this year you will be a year older than you were last year. Soon a new school year will be here, but first you get to enjoy summer. It begins officially on June 21.

Loreena Thiessen

On the third Sunday of June you celebrate your dad. You remember all the times he has taken you skating, to a hockey game, or helped you shovel the driveway. He does many things for you because he loves you. Let him know you love him too. What does he like? To celebrate you may go fishing with him or play a game of mini-golf, ride bumper cars, or fly a kite and eat ice-cream in the park. A bike ride sounds like fun.

Celebrating and enjoying the outdoors is a good thing. To honour your mother and father is a command. Read Exodus 20:12 and Psalm 104:10–24.

Activity: Make a card for your mother (May 13) and your father (June 17).

Two sheets of paper, one for each card.
Use regular printing paper or craft paper. A pencil, or pen, pencil crayons.

1. Interview your mother and father. Use these questions:
What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite food?
What is your favourite book? What is your favourite activity?
What is your favourite season? Who is your favourite hero?
2.  Draw a picture of something each one has done that you really like.
3.  Make a card for each with your findings. Use a sheet of paper, 8×10, folded in half for each card. Put the drawing on the outside of the card and the answers to the questions on the inside, like this:

favourite colour _______________________

favourite food _______________________

favourite book _______________________

favourite activity _____________________

favourite season ______________________

favourite hero ________________________

4. Inside write Thank you for being my mother, father.

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