Dr. Phillip Cary will help us to hear from God – Update: LC cancelled.

Will explore an earlier Christian era’s approach

by SBC

Dr. Phillip Cary

STEINBACH, Man.—Dr. Phillip Cary will delve into the concept of Hearing from God during SBC’s 2018 Leadership Conference on March 16-17. He will explore an earlier era of Christianity’s look to Holy Scripture for the voice of God and will respond to a possibly harmful “new” approach in our anxiousness to hear God speak.

Cary is an award-winning Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University in St. David’s, near Philadelphia, PA. He also works as the Scholar-in-Residence at the Templeton Honors College where he specializes in the history of Christian thought, with particular focus on Augustine and Luther. A published author of numerous monographs and books, he is currently finishing a book tentatively titled How Luther Became Protestant—and Why It Matters (Brazos, 2018).

Dr. Cary is best known to the public for lecture series published by The Great Courses, including courses on Augustine, Luther, the History of Christian Theology, and Philosophy and Religion in the West.

“The Leadership Conference provides an opportunity to resource pastors and lay leaders with necessary tools that will add to their ministry,” says Dr. Rob Reimer, SBC’s president. “It also provides a valuable opportunity to network and connect with other church leaders for encouragement and support.”

Registration and information for the annual Leadership Conference is available online at SBCollege.ca/events or by calling 204-326-6451. Early bird registration ends March 2. All are welcome to attend! The EMMC, CMC, EMC, and the MB Church of Manitoba support the event officially.



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