Dwayne and Shannon: Brazil, Quest Will Celebrate a 10-Year Anniversary  

by Dwayne and Shannon Klassen

BRAZIL – Recently we were challenged that 2018 would be a year of firsts, a year of new things. As we approach our 10-year anniversary of Quest’s ministry this coming March, this is exactly what we are anticipating in Brazil.

These firsts will be starting now in January when Quest will be holding the largest camps thus far. God has been building our Christian Camping ministry into what has become a model for the Christian Camping world around Brazil. It includes our eight-day intense volunteer staff training, healthy home-made menus, cooperative (instead of competitive) programing, and physical/emotional/spiritual safety all which support this evangelistic ministry.

Each year we also have an increase in invites for our itinerant ministry. Quest Brazil is regularly sought by churches to come run retreats for various focus groups. We prepare and run customized programing for each of these events built on the expectations and desired outcomes set by the groups’ leaders. Though churches account for the majority of our itinerant ministry events, we also provide this for schools and businesses.

As a ministry, we have also expanded our own events to include retreats for women, men, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and couples. We are looking at increasing this list to include events for young adults, families, and others.

Another huge thing we are looking forward to in 2018 is the completion of the first building of our ministry facility. The building process has been going the past two and a half years, with visioning and engineering work starting a number of years before that. Dependent on God providing the funding, the Panapaná building will be completed before the end of the year.

As a part of that process, the whole building, except the dining hall, will be tiled this January. And this fall plans are in works for a Canadian work team to work on the completion of this project.

With all this happening in 2018, a major milestone for our ministry and team is taking place in March. March 27 marks 10 years of Quest being a registered Not-For-Profit organization in Brazil. The weekend of March 23-25 we will be celebrating 10 years of God’s goodness and blessing poured out on Quest.

Dwayne and Shannon Klassen (CBF, Swan River) serve in Brazil under Quest.

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