Terry Smith: Advent is a Time for Adventure

by Terry M. Smith

How adventurous will our churches be this Advent season? It might surprise you! Look around.

It’s fitting that Advent be a season of adventure. Advent recalls a time when the Greatest Adventurer came among us to share our human life; the Son of God became also a human being. Advent also looks ahead to His return.

Christ’s first coming was a wondrous event that involved risk and daring. The effects of Christ’s coming carry on, touching the lives of billions of people. And, true to the cliché, the best is yet to come.

Christians can take comfort in the great truths of which we are reminded. This is God’s world. The Son of God has come as our Saviour. Jesus lived, died, and rose for our reconciliation. He calls us together to follow Him. He is the Hope of the world and its history. By grace our lives have meaning, forgiveness, and an eternal future.

So how are our congregations responding? In Canada, from B.C. to southern Ontario, they are reaching out in creative ways. New congregations are being formed, younger churches are being strengthened, and established churches are changing.

Terry M. Smith

Want more proof of adventure? Look at a world map and consider that the EMC supports nearly 100 cross-cultural workers working in many ministries in roughly 24 countries in about 60 different language groups.

Together we proclaim the One greater than our frailties and failures: Christ the Lord. Why do we do this? Because we rejoice in Immanuel, God with us (Matt. 1:23). Come, join our celebration! Join the adventure.


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