Gratitude at Christmas

by L. Marie Enns, La Crete, Alta.

We praise You, Heavenly Father,
As Christmas comes again
For Your great love and mercy
For this world of sinful men,
That You gave Your only begotten Son
To pay for all our sin
So we could have eternal life
If we put our faith in Him.
What agony You must have felt
As He suffered, bled and died!
But what joy when He arose to life
And was seated at Your side.

We thank You, Jesus, Saviour,
For Your unfailing love
That brought You to our sinful world
From Your splendid home above
To die in disgrace in all sinners’ place
To reconcile us to God,
Secure our forgiveness and saving grace
With the shedding of Your blood.
What anguish and pain You suffered that day
All because You loved us so!
But with joy You arose, conquered Your foes
That salvation we can know.

This Christmas, Lord, may many souls
Repent and believe in You,
And Your gracious gift of eternal life
Receive with gratitude.

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