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Titles Self-Published by EMCers in 2017 or Earlier


In Praise of Altruism: Living For Others Because Selfishness is the Pits, Arden Thiessen (2017). A critique of human selfishness, it focuses on the love, generosity, and practical kindness central to the teachings of Jesus and his apostles. 213 pp. ISBN 9780978052522. $10 (paperback).



The Stranger: A Story of Romance and Intrigue, Eleanor Lee Gustaw (2017). Romance and intrigue follow detectives Thea and Gene Ashton where they discover God’s amazing plan for their lives and redefine their calling. 396 pp. ISBN 9781512776874.  $27.95 (paperback).


Food-coverFood For Fun and Fellowship: Favourite Recipes of the Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Melanie Frayle (2006). Nearly every EMC church is represented in these favourites to be used to express Jesus’ love by serving family and entertaining at home.  291 pp. $16 (coil paperback).




The Gentleman, Jacob Enns (2012). On a hunting trip Jeff Nolan, a widower and a pacifist, is confronted by a serial killer. How does he respond? ISBN 9781460202418. 210 pp. $14 (paperback).




Twenty Big Questions: Toward a Biblical Worldview for Restless Truth-Seekers, Arden Thiessen (2016). A gentle defense of core biblical beliefs, showing their unity is the best witness to their truthfulness and validity. 221 pp. $10 (paperback).


Titles are available from the national office or the authors. Prices do not include postage costs.

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