Terry Smith: Questions Asked Near a Mirror

by Terry M. Smith

Q. Which early Anabaptists influence you the most?
A. Menno Simons and Balthasar Hubmaier.

Q. Do you believe climate change, caused by humans, is real?
A. Yes. It’s a serious problem with victims current and future.

Q. What’s the key issue for the EMC today?
A. Since 2000 we’ve plateaued in membership numbers. We need to grow. More urgency, prayer, workers, and money will help.

Q. What are your favourite periods in Anabaptist history?
A. The sixteenth century, the Western Gospel Mission era (1949-1961), and now.

Q. How do you describe yourself?
A. A flawed Christian. A displaced mainliner re-rooted through Evangelicalism and enriched by Anabaptism.

Q. Are you a neo-Anabaptist?
A. No. That’s a person influenced by Anabaptism who attends a non-Mennonite church.

Q. Do you support same-sex marriage?
A. No. We need to be sensitive, though, to people struggling with sexual issues, whether same-sex or other.

Q. Are you a theistic evolutionist?
A. No. The Earth is older, but secular evolutionists use too many zeros and the missing links are still missing.

Q. What do people overlook about your role?
A. The range of my work: being a minister who serves as a full-time administrator in education, publication, and archives.

Q. What’s your heart’s desire?
A. That more of the United Church of Canada would return to a historic proclamation of Jesus Christ as God become also man, Saviour and Lord.

Q. Does the EMC need to plant more churches?
A. Yes. Churches are made of people helped through Christ. Numbers matter because people matter.

Q. What does being an Evangelical mean to you?
A. It means being privileged. And disturbed by what some Evangelicals think and do.

Q. After journalism studies, why did you study at college and seminary?
A. Because of a call to be of service to the Church.

Q. What question stands out from your formal studies?
A. If a person is awarded a degree while married, why is it called a bachelor’s degree?

Q. Which of your degrees is most important to you?
A. My first MA—Mary Ann.

Q. Why don’t you write about some topics?
A. If the focus shifts from the topic to me, does this help the discussion?

Q. Do you believe everyone will be saved in the end?
A. I wish I could say yes, but no.

Q. Do you believe the Church is called to both evangelism and social justice?
A. Yes.

Terry M. Smith

Q. Which task in your work is most important to you?
A. Preaching, a joy and solemn privilege.

Q. What most surprises you about your work?
A. The wonder and grace of Jesus Christ.

Q. Do you think the EMC, the EMMC, and the CMC (formerly Chortitzer) should merge?
A. Yes. Soon.

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  1. Hi Terry,

    I’m glad you posted this! It’s good for Conference leaders to make themselves a bit vulnerable with their brothers and sisters.


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