Loreena Thiessen: What Can You Do?

Has someone said to you, “You have to wait until you’re older or bigger or taller”?

You may not be old enough to ride as far on your bike as you want, or strong enough to swim across the lake. You may have to wait to play on your dream team. You may have to wait to wear those dream shoes because they look so grown up.

So what can you do?

For now you can ride or swim a safe distance. You can wear the shoes that are right for today. You can finish out with the team you are on and then consider what comes next. You will grow into what your dream is.

Many young animals do the same. Fox and wolf cubs learn to hunt from their parents and how to hide in long grasses to be safe. Bird parents dutifully feed their chicks until one day they flap their wings vigorously on the edge of a nearby branch eager to fly. They grow into their skills.

Insects are different. They develop in stages. At each stage they must

do the right thing to survive on their own. They hatch, find food, grow, and eat some more. Their parents leave them to survive alone.

The ladybug hatches on a leaf. At first it looks like a tiny black alligator. As it eats and develops it grows to become the red spotted bug we know and like. It turns out to be a helpful bug too, eating up to fifty aphids, another bug that destroys garden plants, each day. Gardeners like them too.

The Monarch butterfly hatches on a leaf as a colourful striped worm. It immediately eats this leaf and many more. At the right time it spins a cocoon and within it changes miraculously to be the butterfly we know, ready to fly. Insects are born knowing what to do. This knowledge is called instinct.

You must learn skills and knowledge from your parents and teachers. And you must be wise. To be wise is to know when and how to use your skills and knowledge. You have the skills to swim but knowing how far and where to swim safely is to be wise.

How do you get wisdom?

Wisdom comes from thinking carefully about outcomes, about what might happen when you act. Wisdom comes through experience. Both your parents and teachers have more experience. They will teach you rules to guide you, how to judge what is safe and right for you as you grow.

Loreena Thiessen

God says a lot about wisdom too. God says you must follow laws and judge a situation carefully to be safe and do well. Read Deuteronomy 4:6.

You can’t buy wisdom He says in Job 28:12. Wisdom is better than gold (Proverbs 16:16). He says listen to the instruction or teaching of your mother and father in Proverbs 1:8. And He says getting wisdom will make you happy (Proverbs 3:13).

Activity: Bible Quiz: A Very Wise King

Do: Read 1 Chronicles 29: 23-24 and 2 Chronicles 1:7–12.

As you read find the answers for the quiz below.

  1. Who was a very wise King?
  2. Who was the king’s father?
  3. What was the promise God made to this king’s father?
  4. What made this King wise?
  5. Why did this King need wisdom?
  6. What did God do?

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