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Letters May 2017

Poorly expressed, well expressed

Frequently articles in The Messenger refer to the Second World War. Blaming is the easiest part of military history. So often I glance at a headline and the assumptions jump out at me. There is a tragic inter-war history at play here, mostly forgotten.

It’s easiest to say, “The Nazis did it.” The least fair is to say, “The Germans did it.” Do you know any Nazis?

Nothing, not even really unusual behaviour, comes from nowhere. There is always a reason for things. It may be a crazy reason, but it’s still a reason, maybe part of a more complicated reason. In any case, we sometimes take the easy way out. God forgive us.

But I wanted to thank The Messenger for its work on Franz Jägerstätter and the Worship Committee for its attention to “Dissecting ‘catholic’ in the Apostles’ Creed” [each March 2017]. Both well expressed.

– W. Kruse, Rosenort, Man.

Editor’s note: Walter Kruse, the writer of this letter, passed away recently. As an educator of varied gifts, including artistic handwriting, he was once slated to serve here as Executive Secretary/Editor. He will be missed. Our sympathies are extended to the wider Kruse family.

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