Crestview: Pastor Emerges as Chili Champion!

by Sharron Straub

WINNIPEG, Man.—The fourth annual Chili Cook-off took place on Friday, March 3. Nine tasty pots of chili were entered and our 2017 Chili Champion is Pastor Darrel Guenther. Congratulations! After dessert, coffee, and cleanup, we watched the movie “War Room.” Excellent film!

This was a great opportunity for outreach and there was much positive feedback about the movie. Several people commented that they would purchase the movie so that they could share it with others.

KingSeveral men from our congregation took the opportunity to attend Promise Keepers Quest Conference on March 10 to 11. Some comments about this event were:

  • The Worship Team was awesome
  • A great reminder of God’s love for us
  • A challenge to men who are in a position of power and authority
  • Many age groups were represented and each group has something to contribute

Sounds like it was an amazing weekend.

Pastor Darrell Guenther is our Chili Champion.


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