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Loreena Thiessen: Celebrate February!

What do you like about February? Groundhog Day? Valentine’s Day?

A rare day in February is Leap Day. It’s so rare it comes only once every four years, a collection of the extra minutes in each of those years.

February has important birthdays. One is the birthday of a famous man, Abraham Lincoln, a president who allowed slaves to go free. Another is the birthday of Paul Bunyan the giant lumber jack, a hero in folktales of early Canada.

In February you have been in your class for 100 days. How can you celebrate 100?

Using a hundreds chart count from 1 to 100; then do it again, but count backwards starting from 100 all the way back to 1. Count by ones, going back and forth across a row; the tens stay the same and the ones move. Count by tens going up and down a column; the ones stay the same and the tens move. See the pattern?

Take a walk, down your school hallway, on the playground, or as you walk to and from school. Count your steps. Can you count your steps all the way home? How many steps did it take?

How many happy words can you think of? Can you write them? How many friends can you name? What about friends, family, teachers, and neighbours? Don’t forget your pets. Make a list of each.

Do you like to help people who may need it? Collect 100 items, food cans, boxes of breakfast cereal or macaroni. You can donate them to a foodbank, or a kids’ lunch program. Do this with your classmates and the help of your teacher.

Collect your favourite recipes and put them in a recipe book. You will need an adult to help you organize them and put them together. Get your friends’ favourites too. How many have you got?

Read the book 100 Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes, or another book you like. How many pages in the book?

Loreena Thiessen

What are you thankful for? Can you make a list? Write them on strips of paper and stuff them in a jar. Take them out later to read again.

Celebrate by reading Psalm 100. It is a psalm of celebration.

Activity: Do an act of kindness

Need: note paper, sticky notes, pencil, colored pencils and pens, candy kisses or wrapped chocolates

Do: Choose one act of kindness for each day in February.

For example:

  • write an encouraging note, or a note of appreciation
  • give a small gift like a candy kiss, or a single wrapped chocolate
  • clear the table, load the dishwasher
  • vacuum; dust; straighten up a room
  • shovel the walk
  • visit someone in need of company

Keep a record:

  • Make a list in a notebook with the date
  • Write your act on sticky notes and stick them on a banner

Read Ephesians 4:32








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