Region 2 leadership holds retreat in Cypress Hills

Leadership discusses ‘Soul Rest’

by Abe Bueckert, outgoing chair of Region 2

SOUTHERN SASK.—Region 2 leadership people met on the weekend of Nov. 11-13, 2016, for a retreat at Cypress Hills Bible Camp in Cypress Hills country in southern Saskatchewan.

Seven of our eight churches were represented, with over thirty people being present to enjoy a restful weekend. About the only one not resting was our guest speaker, Ward Parkinson, who, incidentally, spoke on the topic of rest.

We enjoyed hearing Ward address matters of “Soul Rest,” such as we find in Matt.11:25-30. From there we moved to seeing Jesus as our example in seeking times of rest and our example of surrendering to the will of His Father so that rest can be discovered.

Ward also pointed out that Jesus was the One who, via Calvary, brought us to the place of being able to find our rest in God. His last message on the topic of “rest” was the reminder that our present rest is linked to our eternal rest, and that we need to keep in view that glorious finish line and strive for it as Paul does in Phil. 3:12-14.

The above messages took place on Friday evening through to Saturday evening.  Antonio Pitta, along with his daughter, Jenifer, led us in worship. After each of these services we spent time praying for the various churches in our region.

Saturday morning gave us a fine opportunity to take care of some business issues related to our region. We don’t normally have that many people around for our business meetings.

We can’t forget about the food! Camp personnel served great meals that added to the overall enjoyment of a lovely weekend.

On Sunday morning Ward Parkinson led us in a communion service. It was a great way to end our encouraging time together.

We are thankful for Chris Hughes, of Abbeydale Christian Fellowship, who organized this wonderful event.


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