News About Subscription Prices


STEINBACH, Man.—The Messenger is available in two formats: print and digital.

  • The digital format is free to everyone (decided by BCM on Jan. 16).
  • The print subscription is free for members and adherents of EMC churches.
  • The magazine is funded through the EMC’s general budget, which is met by the donations of individuals and churches. If you attend an EMC church, please do not send in a subscription fee, but support the EMC’s general budget through your local church giving.
  • For people not attending an EMC church, the cost of a print subscription is reduced from $24 to $20 for six issues per year (decided by BCM on Jan. 16). For many years the subscription price for The Messenger has not covered the actual costs of production; this is still true.
  • Some costs continue to rise. The move, in part, to a digital format was to save some costs. Yet in our striving for excellence in format and fairness to writers, some production costs will increase.
  • The subscription price, for many years, has been deliberately kept low to make the periodical available to as many interested people as possible. The formats of the magazine have increased for the same reason.

We encourage you to enjoy the magazine in its various formats. Thank you for supporting a magazine that continues to play a key role in “informing, instructing, and inspiring,” as it has since 1963.

– The Board of Church Ministries

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