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Letters February 2017

Slightly Taken Aback

I was slightly taken aback by the suggestion of using the Apostles’ Creed in our worship services, especially by the words “the holy catholic church.” Since when do we as Evangelical Christians pronounce our “belief” in the holy Catholic Church?

I agree that we need to follow Jesus’ words and “not merely listen to the word…do what it says,” but the Apostles’ Creed is not God’s Word. To return to our roots would be to return to the Word of God as given to us by the apostles. Why only go back a few hundred years? Why not go back to the beginning?

I am tired of the being referred to as “Anabaptist,” since the only reason for this is that the Catholic Church missed what Jesus said; and they feared for their children and began to baptize them as infants and made many other rules and regulations that Jesus did not require of them. Then when individuals began to read God’s Word they saw that one must choose to follow Jesus, knowingly make such a commitment; and to do that you could not be a baby.

These individuals went back to God’s Word. They read what Jesus said and began the road of following Jesus. My desire is that we all go back to reading God’s Word, listening to the Word, and then doing what it says. No rules, no labels. Just followers of Jesus.

– Elizabeth Sawatzky, MacGregor, Man.

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