Povology resource launched during Conference Council

by EMC

Pastor Kevin Wiebe assembles valuable series

ROSENORT, Man.— Want to explore Povology, the study of poverty, theology, Church, and you? A new video curriculum about poverty and the Church was launched on Nov. 26, 2016, at the EMC Conference Council meeting near Rosenort, Man.

Six half-hour videos and a printable discussion guide feature interviews with folks like Shane Claiborne, Dr. Ronald Sider, Bruxy Cavey, Steve Bell, pastors, missionaries, and professors, including EMCers.

The topics are Our Homeless Leader, Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Responding to Poverty, Do No Harm, What About The Gospel? and The Power of Small Things.

The material is now available to all EMC pastors and churches for free via online streaming or digital download. A DVD can be provided upon request.

Who’s responsible for producing this useful stuff? Pastor Kevin Wiebe (New Life), a PUC communications and media graduate, had the vision for the project and put together the materials. The EMC’s BCM and its Education Committee have endorsed the project. But make no mistake. The project was well underway by then.   

The series is now available to stream or download, completely free, from http://www.povology.com. Check out that link for more information about the series as well.

Prior to its release, Pov.ology was written about in the Winnipeg Free Press and Mennonite World Review.

We trust that this will be a useful tool for you and your congregation.

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