Pansy: Baptisms and missions

by Betty Barkman

PANSY, Man.—Like usual, fall has been a busy time here. On Sept. 4, Kyla Funk got baptized down by the river. Although once more it was a rainy day and umbrellas did get used, it was indeed a special event. Her testimony and joy is vibrant; we pray for continued grace in her journey.

In hindsight, I realize I failed to report another baptism that happened earlier this spring. Daniel Goertzen, spontaneously asked for baptism during a revival-type service, and the pastors said, Why not?  This time it was inside, though, like we used to do it. We are proud of you, Daniel, and we wish you well.

Thanksgiving Celebration went well with a super chicken dinner followed by a time of praise. One specific thing we were thankful for was the overflowing Sunday School space and we used that night to kick off another building fund, this time for added classrooms.

Fall is also when we do our Samaritan’s Purse Christmas boxes. With enthusiastic leaders like Sheila Barkman and Sheri Goertzen lighting the fire, it would be difficult not to join the team. “It’s not the boxes that count, “they say, “but every box represents one child that gets an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. “ and having been there—at the distribution, they know. We made it to 473 this year.

Then, of course, we are gearing up for Christmas. After that we are preparing for the big mission push of the year—building, Lord willing, three houses for destitute, but deserving families in Ensenada, Mexico, in February.

It has been neat to see how another church that is just learning missions is coming alongside us and we can work together. Another thing has been seeing Jake and Shelly Rempel’s involvement in Cuban missions, and wondering how we can best include that on our mission roster. So many places to serve. May we be found faithful in whatever corner God puts us in to shine for Him!

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