Paraguay: Live in the Land

by Erna Plett

PARAGUAY–How time has flown by. It is eight and a half months since I came back to Paraguay from Canada. The Lord’s timing in different situations and events is amazing.

Although my house was waiting for me with my belongings, it still took more time than I anticipated to actually settle down in it. At the beginning of May, I got a phone call telling me of a fellow-retired missionary having gotten very sick. That same day I was asked to help out. This meant going to Lucero, an hour and a half away from Caaguazu.

God provided all around, and by evening I was in Lucero, starting a job or ministry that I had not imagined happening. Day and night I was occupied helping in one way or another. At times it seemed like any minute our patient could be called into eternity. She also prayed to be released, to have Jesus come for her.

However, one day after another went by and she still was with us. Little by little she regained her strength till she could sit up and slowly start feeding herself. Eventually she could get out of bed and be in a wheelchair. She joined the rest of the people in the dining room at the seniors’ home to which she had moved less than a month before she became ill.

So, after three months of fairly steady work in Lucero, I came back to Caaguazu to actually settle into my house and new neighbourhood. For the past three and a half months I have been fairly busy trying to make my place more homey.

I still have things left to unpack and put in its place. A lot of work has gone into finishing details of construction and starting to plant fruit trees, shade trees, and other plants. God provided wonderful working crews to do various jobs that needed tackling to make my place more like I had envisioned it to be. Again God has provided in marvellous ways.

I am starting to receive company for which I am glad; it is part of my present hospitality ministry. A special reunion with two ladies recently took place. I had helped them some eight years ago, when they were in high school, in their walk with God. What a blessing to see how God has guided and helped them in their individual lives.

If someone needs to be encouraged to spend some time in a place where they can enjoy the beautiful scenery around my place, as well as see cows and horses in the community, I am here to allow the Lord to use me in the lives of those needing a place to retreat.

A Bible verse that the Lord showed me while still in Canada is this: ¨Live in the land and be safe/faithful.¨ I so enjoy my surroundings here, working on the yard and rejoicing in the Lord. Slowly I am getting to know younger and older neighbours. Lord, make me a channel of blessing to each one.

Erna Plett (Treesbank) retired a year ago from serving with EMC Board of Missions. She lives, where she served, in Paraguay.

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