Heidi Plett: Mon Cours de Français (My French lessons)

By Heidi Plett

Canada—News from July: My French studies are going well. I have learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar over the past six months and look forward to internalizing and using these concepts and much more in the months ahead.

I thought a year of language study would be sufficient but I’m realizing that it is really too short a time for absorbing so much information. It is just the beginning, providing a foundation on which to build.

I am very happy to inform you that God has provided me with a host family to live with and learn from during my last term of studies in fall. I am very thankful for this opportunity to not only improve my French skills, but to strengthen my bond of friendship with them. Thank you very much for your prayers regarding finding a suitable host family. Maybe now my stuttering French will become a little more fluent.

Student numbers have dwindled as several couples have completed their language studies and are about to embark on their journeys to new places of work and ministry. It is an exciting time for them but also a stressful time of transition. Three of us, however, are carrying on with our studies until the end of July at which time we will have completed the intermediate level.

The school will be closed for August so I look forward to returning to Manitoba for that month to spend time with my family, reconnect with my church and friends, and work at raising my financial support level. Then I will return to Sherbrooke for my final term of study in fall.

Heidi Plett (Prairie Rose), formerly of Namibia, is studying French in Quebec prior to serving in Chad with Africa Inland Mission.

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